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Flex Picker Robots

Suitable for quick handling operations with a maximum load of 3kg and 4 degrees of space for movement. Applications Packaging, product placement in bulk bins, trays and alveoli, and direct loading into packaging machines (flow pack), etc… Production Each system can reach a top speed of 120 fruit per minute on a single load. Type […]

Citrus Fruits, Peaches, Apricots Processing Plant 10 Tons/h (U001044)

Selection Plant fot citrus fruits, peaches and apricots, with 4 lanes electronic grader with weight selection, 8+1 exits. Plant made up of: Roller Bench with  Platform with Stairs and Safety Devices for Manual Selection Brusher with By-Pass Device 4 Lanes Pre-Aligning “V” Shaped Conveyor Belt 4 Lanes Electronic Grader with Weight Selection, 8+1 Exits N° 3 Double […]

Apples Peaches And Tomatoes Processing Plant 4 Ton/h (U001041)

Apples peaches and tomatoes processing plant with electronic grader. Plant made up of: Roller Bench for Manual Selection Brushing / Washing Machine with “By-Pass” Device Electronic Grader with Cups, 8+1 Exits N°4 Single Packaging Benches N°4 Manual Packaging Benches Elevated Platform Cabin Code: U001041 Manufacturer: SAMMO Year: 1996 Yield:  4 ton/h

U001002 Used Working Plant for Apples and Peaches

Complete working plant for peaches and apples with 2 lanes electronic grader with roller trucks, selection made for weight and color. Plant made up of: Rubber Roller Bench MOD. 600X2500 Brushing – Washing – Drying – Waxing Machine SCC MOD 600 X 16 Brushes with Automatic BY-PASS Two Lanes Conveyor Belt with Different Lanes Lenght Two Lanes Pre-aligning  Conveyor Belt Two Lanes Electronic […]

U001029 Citrus Fruits and Stone Fruits Working and Packaging Line, 4 Ton/h

Processing and packaging line for stone fruits and citrus fruits, with 2 lanes electronic grader with weight, color and diameter selection, 10+1 exits. Fruit working line  made up of: Rubber Roller Bench 600 x 6000 Waste Belt Conveyors N° 2 Weighing Conveyor Belts 300 x 800 Wavy Conveyor Belt 300 x 2200 Conveyor Belt 300 x 5000 with […]