Apples Waxing and Packaging Working Line 4 Ton/h (U001042)

Apples Waxing And Packaging Processing Plant.

Plant made up of:

  • Single Bins Dumper
  • Roller Bench
  • Waxing Machine
  • Drying Tunnel
  • Packaging Bench

Code: U001042

Manufacturer: SAMMO

Year: 2005

Yield:  4 ton/h

Clipping Machine (U001039)

Clipping machine manufactured by SORMA.

Made up of:

  • N° 1 Clipping Machine

Code: U001035

Manufacturer: SORMA

Year: 1999

Vertbag Packaging Machine (U001035)

Vertbag Packaging Machine model BSK 134

  • N° 2 Vertbag Packaging Machine

Code: U001035

Manufacturer: SORMA

Year: 2006

U001023 Electronic Weigher

SORMA Electronic weigher with 12 weighing cells Mod. P12 126.

Plant made up of:

  • Uphill Conveyor Belt
  • Electronic Weigher Mod. P12 126
  • Packaging Machine
  • Exit Conveyor Belts

Code: U001023

Manufacturer: SORMA

Year: 1999

U001003 Fruit Counting Line with Punnets Fillers and Netting Machine

Fruit counting line with punnets fillers and netting machine. Plant made up of: N° 1 Two Lanes Fruit Counting Machine N° 1 Punnet Filling Machine N° 1 Netting Machine Code: U001003 Manufacturer: FB SYSTEM