U001017 Citrus Fruits, Peaches Working Line, 10 Ton/h

Processing plant for citrus fruits and peaches with 4 lanes electronic grader with diameter selection, 13+1 Exits. First six elements listed above belong to the “peaches feeding line”, the seventh and eighth to the “citrus fruits feeding line”.

Weighers can be feeded directly from the grader or from the alternative feeding line.

Plant made up of:

  • Single Bin Dumper
  • Roller Bench 1300 x 3000
  • Brusher, Washer for Peaches Mod. 1300 x 26 Brushes
  • Roller Bench for Selection Mod. 1300 x 2000
  • Bel Conveyor with Turn Mod. 1300
  • 4 Lanes Conveyor Belt for Grader Feeding
  • “Compact” Machine Mod. 1300
  • Roller Bench Mod. 1300 x 2000
  • 4 lanes Electronic Grader with Rollers, 13+1 Exits with Diameter Selection
  • N° 2 Double “Rapid Pack” Packaging Benches, Length  4000
  • N° 4 Manual Packaging Tanks 914 x 800
  • N° 3 SORMA PEA Weighers: _ 1) Weigher with GIRSAC amd Clipping Machine, _ 2) Weigher with GIRSAC, _ 3) Weigher with Clipping Machine

Code: U001017

Manufacturer: RODA MAF

Year: 1999

Yield:  10 ton/h

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