Fruit grading and sorting lines

Fruit sorting grading machinesFUTURA is able to supply complete solutions for all kind of fruits like:
Apples, peaches, apricots, kiwi, citrus fruits.

The full line is studied and proposed to the customers following to all their specific needs.

We can supply lines of small capacity or very large systems as well.
The working phases can be the followings:

  1. Product input
  2. First selection
  3. Washing, brushing and drying
  4. If needed, waxing
  5. Electronic grading and selection
  6. Packaging
  7. Palletizing and strapping
  8. Labelling and weight checking

1. Product input

The product that comes straight from the country is discharged automatically in the working line.

There are different types of discharging systems and we help the customer to choose the more suitable for him depending on:

  1. how the product arrives to the system (in boxes or bins)
  2. kind of product (delicate fruits like apple need a discharge in water, other kind of fruits less delicate can be discharged in a different way)

Here following, please find some examples of automatic bins dischargers models.

rovesciatore di bins singoloRovesciatore di bins a ciclo continuo autoregolanteRovesciatore di bins a ciclo continuo autoregolante con accatastatore e decatastatore
Automatic single bins dumper at discontinuous cycle and self-regulatingAutomatic bins dumper at continuous cycle and self-regulatingAutomatic bins dumper at continuous cycle and self-regulating with destacker and stacker

Here following please find some examples of de-palletizing machines and boxes dumpers models.

Depalettizzatore automatico di cassesistema di depalettizazione automatico, rovesciamento e pallettizzazione casse vuote
Automatic boxes depalletizerAutomatic de-palletizing system, dumping and palletizing for empty boxes

Here following please find some examples of automatic bins submergers in water.

immergitore bins singolo automaticoRobot immergitore di bins con sistema di decatastamento e accatastamento bins vuoti
automatic single bins submergerBins Robot submerger with empty bins destaker and stacker

2. First selection

Immediately after the discharging of the product in the working line, usually, if necessary, there is a first manual selection of the fruits
to eliminate the waist or second quality products. This selection is done through special roller tables which allow the staff to have a perfect and total vision of the product to be rejected.
Here following, please find some examples of manual selection.

Banchi a rulli per selezione manuale
Rolling tables for manual selection

3. Washing – brushing – drying

The product automatically arrives at the washing, brushing and drying zone.
The size and type of the brushes is accurately judged according to the working line capacity and the type of product. Here following, please find some washing and brushing examples.

Sistemi di automatici per lavaggio, spazzolatura e asciugatura del prodotto Sistemi di automatici per lavaggio, spazzolatura e asciugatura del prodotto
automatic systems for washing, brushing and drying

4. Waxing

The product, thoroughly dried is waxed and then, dried again.This particular working system is used usually with citrus fruits and apples.
Here following, please find some waxing and drying examples.

ceratura sistemi ceratura
Automatic systems for citrus fruits waxing

5. Electronic grading and selection

The electronic grading and selection can be made according to various parameters such as weight, diameter, color and eventually external defects.

The basic function carry out the selection of the weight, then the other features can be incorporated according to the customer’s selection needs. Also the most suitable transport system is chosen according to the product to be processed.

We have a full range of grading lines in order to work all kind of fruits and vegetables.

Here following, please find some electronic graders examples.

Electronic grading lines for big capacities.
Grading line with direct packaging system in tubes available with one or two lines

6. Packaging

Following to the kind of packaging that the customer has to realize , we can supply different kinds of packaging systems, manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic. Previously calibrated and checked the goods can be packed in boxes, plateau or bins. Here following, please find some boxes and plateau packaging examples.

semi-automatic filling system for boxes or plateau (model Rapid Pack)manual packaging system
dry bins packagingbins packaging in water

7. Palletizing and strapping

The palletizing systems are designed and made in accordance with the line capability but, most of all, on the basis to various sizes of boxes, plateau and pallets that the customer uses.
Today, the palletizing systems completely eliminate the use of workers and at the same time provide the user a good flexibility and reliability.
You can choose between traditional systems, called Cartesian, layered or with clamps.
Another popular palletizing system that can provide greater flexibility and reliability is to use anthropomorphic robots. This system greatly reduces the overall occupancy area as well

Once the platform with the product carefully palletized, the same must be carefully wrapped and prepared for shipment. With our strapping systems you can put the fully automatic angle in the 4 corners of the platform and tie it thoroughly with the strap, so it can be definitely ready and safe for the shipment. Here following, please find some examples.

Depalettizzatore automatico di casse
palletizing systems with clamps or sliding plate

Here following please find some examples of anthropomorphic palletizers.

pallettizzazione robot antropomorfi
Palletizing systems with anthropomorphic robots

Here following please find some examples of corners putting strapping machines.

automatic strapping machine for pallets fixed or movable with automatic angle in 4 corners

8. Labelling and weight checking

At the end of a processing line can be added an automatic labeling machine that prints and applies on all the full packs(boxes or trays), the stickers with all the information about the traceability of the product.
In addition, the platform fully ready for shipping can be also automatically weighed (weight guaranteed) and labeled with a traceability code.

labelling and weighing systems for boxes, plateau

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