Fruit & vegetables packing

Automatic packing systems with robots for blisters, punnets and boxes

Sistemi di confezionamento automatico per cestini, alveoli tramite ROBOT

These systems are used to prevent the use of any manpower during the load of the packaged product. They can handle punnets, blisters, trays, crates, plateaus, etc..

Using “scara small” or “flex pickerrobot technology, we are able to make fully automatic lines with a massive manpower reduction, granting both high productivity performances and excellent care of the product.

The line can be fully automatic, on client’s choice.

Usually, after arriving in boxes or bins, the unloaded (and often also pre-graded) product comes to a manual selection where waste fruits are separated from the others. Therafter we have the automatic packaging area where robots and packaging machines pack the product in blisters, punnets, boxes, or others.

Finally the product arrives to the flow pack (or other machines) and then to an automated palletizer.

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