Grading lines for the processing, selection and calibration of carrots

Carrots processing plants have specific requirements, therefore is necessary to analyze the various stages of processing in order to identify the best solution according to customer’s needs.

impianti lavorazione carote

  1. product input
  2. pre-calibration
  3. washing
  4. selection
  5. calibration
  6. packaging

1. Product input

sistema ingresso carote In the current system for the collection of carrots are mainly used bins (containers) made of hard plastic with a capacity range that can vary from 400 to 600 kg.

The input of carrots in the processing line can take place in water (A) or on a dry surface (B). On each receiving machine is possible to install tilt bins.

A. Input in water

The input in water occurs when the crop is not too dirty and is accompanied by stones of small entity. It usually takes place in tanks, which depending on the required production may vary in models according to the production capacity.

macchine selezione carote This model is suited for the processing of a high quantity of product and it allows, due to a device of blowers and pumps, to start a pre cleaning procedure. The small stones and debris because of their weight sink at the bottom of the tank and are conveyed outside through an auger. Not being provided transmission organs moving in the water, nor tapes or carpets the breakage risk is very limited compared to other traditional solutions.
The product is then channeled towards the exit by the water movement and collected by a shovel system. Such system is particularly suitable in cases where hard debris and clay is found on the crop. This system has a yield of up to 30 t/h.

ingresso in acqua carote This model is suitable for a medium/high quantity of product. Is equipped in the inside with a conveyor belt which it allows the advancement and the elevation of carrots to the next machine. The small stones and debris because of their weight sink at the bottom of the tank and are conveyed outside through an auger.

B. Imput on a dry surface

ingresso a secco carote

Emptying the crop on a dry surface occurs when the product is very dirty and is accompanied by minimum rocks.

It occurs in hoppers, that depending on the required production or type of packaging  (crates, boxes, jumbo bags) models can vary according to the capacity needed.

It is also available in different lengths and thus for various quantity of material. This system consists in a  conveyor belt for the containment of product driven by lateral chains suitably protected.

If this machine is placed inground, it would even be possible to unload the products directly from the delivery trucks onto the machine. In case of a very dirty product is recommendable to insert a digger, just after the unloading phase.

2. Pre- calibration

precalibratura carote

The pre-calibration phase for carrots involves the use of a filter. This is equipped with a perforated basket in which are inserted rubber cups, which while turning allow the selection of the product by capturing small size carrots.

Inside the drum it has been placed a tape that allows the exit of the product previously collected from the cups.

3. Washing

lavaggio carote

The washing system comprises a cylindrical drum on which is inserted a tube distributor of water. The basket is divided into 3 sectors: a first part constructed with tubes spaced out in order to allow the outflow of water and debris in the part below, a central part completely coated with polyethylene brushes to clean the product and a final part similar to the first.

The product enters the basket and advances thanks to the rotation of the cylinder and exits through a special slide.

Available in different versions depending on the quantity of the product to be processed.

4. Selection

selezione caroteFor what concerns selection, a visual and manual selection of the product is required by the staff who will automatically drop out the non conforming product. In this phase the product advances through  towed rollers and is inspected by operators located on both sides of the bank selection. The product which results to be not suitable for selling and packaging is removed by the operators while the conforming product continues towards the other phases of the processing.

For those who require it is possible to add instead if the counter selection, a special machine for the automatic selection which does not require the help of personnel. This machine can reach great processing capacities and the operator will only have to input the settings.

5. Calibration

calibratura carote After the visual selection, the conformino product is then selected according to its diameter through a sizer indicator that can measure and calibrate carrots with a diameter from 12 to 80 mm. This machine is equipped with a mechanical adjuster in order to satisfy any requirement and with a carpet roller that allows the incoming product to spread out evenly.

impianti calibratura carote The moving rollers rotate and rise gradually on slides on either side, so that the product can slide on the underlying belt only if of the desired size.

6. Packaging

riempitrici di sacchi jumbo

Example of jumbo bags fillers.
After calibration the product is to be conveyed via tapes towards the caissons for the storage, towards the benches in case of the manual packaging in boxes, or directly to the weighing and packaging machines.

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