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Electronic Grading for Long Vegetables

New sorter for elongated products with manual or automatic loading (cucumber, zucchini, eggplant and peppers).

If the product is loaded manually on the grader is provided a 220 mm transporter tray with a special shape to carry, weigh and select the product.

An operator will manually load each single product, the sizer will provide calibration and selection by weight, minimum and maximum diameter, length, curvature and colour.

In case a fully automated loading is preferred the machine will be developed with special transport systems with a smaller pitch, so that the product can automatically be loaded on the sorter.

For the discharge in the various outputs, the vision system according to the length of each individual product will open the outputs necessary for the complete exit of each fruit and vegetable.

The selection can be done according to:

  • Weight
  • Minimum and maximum diameter
  • Length
  • Curvature

The discharge of the sized product is provided through a brush system that with extreme care ensures that each product is separated. At this point the operator only needs to place the perfectly calibrated, selected product into the apposite boxes and crates.

Is also possible to include a scale for each operator for a further weight check of the box/crate, so that it can pass on to palletizing and shipment.

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