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Robotic Packing and Palletizing Systems

These technologies already heavily exploited and used in other areas have always been considered not applicable to fruit and vegetable processing.

From our point of view, however, is time for things to change, considering that we have the necessary skills to identify the most suitable areas in which to apply these technologies in the processing line.

Robotics can perform tasks that are usually either too demanding, boring, fast paced, repetitive or even dangerous to be carried out by our staff. Thanks to their speed in execution and above all the versatility that distinguishes this machinery, robotics ensure the perfect presentation of the finished product.

The vast offer of robots on the market has made this working tool an essential component to all companies, moreover being applicable to all departments of work it can be used for many different operations including handling, assembling and manipulation.


All types of robots can be integrated with an artificial vision system that recognizes the type of product, packaging, colour, etc…

All robots can either work in a stand-alone mode or with batteries and can perform in static or dynamic mode.

Types of robots

The robots that we use can be divided in 3 categories:

  • Flex Picker
  • Scara Small
  • Anthropomorphic

Possible Applications

  • Palletizing systems for crates and trays
  • De-palletizing and palletizing systems for boxes (crates tilting power lines)
  • Packaging lines for fruit and vegetables in trays and baskets
  • Power lines of individual fruits flow pack

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