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Systems for the automatic selection of defected potatoes, onions carrots and citrus

Still today in the modern processing and packaging lines of fruits and vegetables remains unsolved the problem concerning the manual selection of goods with external defects and flaws.

Finally with the ultimate sorting machine EXTRASORTER manual processing and sorting is drastically reduced.

This machine is placed at the beginning of the processing line immediately after the washing process for potatoes and carrots, meanwhile in case of citrus sorting is placed just before the washing procedure.

This machine thanks to a special technological LED vision can detect and locate products with external defects, stains that are unsuitable for processing and therefore have to be removed from the processing line.

How it operates

  • The product is placed on the conveyor belt
  • The collection unit identifies the unit that does not comply
  • The ejection unit, through its mechanical fingers, expels the flawed product
  • The product stream is cleaned of all unsuitable products

We dispose of different models according to the capacity needed, the machine can also be integrated into existing lines.

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