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Anthropomorphic Robots

robot antropomorfi ortofrutta

Suitable for assembly operations and handling of loads capable of operating in different work areas depending on the model. These are available both attached to the ground or hung depending on their different uses. They can operate in a range of 4-5-6 degrees of space.


Cartooning and packaging in boxes and crates, palletizing and de palletization, displacement and overturning of bins and boxes etc..


Such system can achieve its best results and maximum accuracy when working at high speed.

Tipologie di prodotto

Tutti le tipologie di contenitori (casse, cartoni, plateaux, sacchi ecc..)

Example of applications

The anthropomorphic robot can be integrated into any already existing line, or new line, where the palletization of boxes and/or crates is done manually. The packages are taken by the robot from the delivery line and are stored on a pallet according to a scheme predetermined by the operator. Large workspaces and high speed make it possible to pick up from several lines and palletize a large number of products.

The robot can also be used in the initial phase of the lines of fruit processing. The system automatically collects one bin at the time form the operational zone, reverse it in the line and then provides to make a pile of empty bins.

The same application can be done with crates, in this case in order to speed up the process the robot would operate on the entire layer of boxes on the platform. The robot would automatically withdraw the crates and transport them on the

line where they would overturn with the other crates.

The empty boxes would then be carefully picked and palletized by the same robot.


  • Elimination of cost of manpower
  • Increase in productivity
  • Extreme application flexibility
  • Saving up of space compared to traditional palletizing systems
  • Fast format change

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