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  1. Clipping Packing Machine RA2-120 (U001045)
  2. Citrus Fruits, Peaches, Apricots Processing Plant 10 Tons/h (U001044)
  3. Melons Working Line 6/7 Tons/h (U001043)
  4. Apples Waxing And Packaging Working Line 4 Ton/h (U001042)
  5. Apples Peaches And Tomatoes Processing Plant 4 Ton/h (U001041)
  6. Apples Peaches Kiwis Working Line 4/5 Ton/h (U001037)
  7. Roller Benches (U001036)
  8. Clipping Machine (U001039)
  9. Vertbag Packaging Machine (U001038)
  10. Vertbag Packaging Machine (U001035)
  11. Continuous Bin Dumper with Stacking and Destacking Device (U001033)
  12. By-Pass Brushers (U001032)
  13. Double Rapid Pack Packaging Benches (U001031)
  14. U001040 Elevated Platform
  15. U001030 Feeding Slides For Empty Boxes From Elevated Platform
  16. U001029 Citrus Fruits and Stone Fruits Working and Packaging Line, 4 Ton/h
  17. U001028 Automatic Strapping Machine
  18. U001027 Fruits and Citrus Fruits Processing and Packaging Plant, 12/14 Ton/h
  19. U001026 Brusher and 4 Lanes Grader, 8 Ton/h
  20. U001025 Continuous Bins Dumper
  21. U001023 Electronic Weigher
  22. U001022 Asparagus Working Line
  23. U001019 Tomatoes Working Line, 12 Ton/h
  24. U001017 Citrus Fruits, Peaches Working Line, 10 Ton/h
  25. U001016 Melons Working Line, 8/10 ton/h
  26. U001015 Citrus Fruits Feeding Line With Compact Machine
  27. U001012 Bins Fillers Automatic Line
  28. U001011 Tomatoes, Peaches, Processing Plant, 4 Ton/h
  29. U001010 Peaches, Kiwis, Apricots, Plums, Processing Plant, 12/14 ton/h
  30. U001009 Complete Citrus Fruits Processing Plant
  31. U001006 Complete Plant for Citrus and Peaches
  32. U001004 Working and Grading Line for Asparagus
  33. U001003 Fruit Counting Line with Punnets Fillers and Netting Machine
  34. U001002 Used Working Plant for Apples and Peaches
  35. Netted punnets packaging system
  36. Lidding machine for punnets
  37. Clamshell punnet covering machine
  38. Flow Pack packing system for punnets
  39. Flow Pack packing system for spheroidal products
  40. Flow Pack packing system for elongated products
  41. Flow Pack packing system for preprocessed products
  42. Vacuum-sealed and MAP packing systems for long conservation
  43. Woven net bag packing system with flag label
  44. Woven net bag packing systems with advertising stripe and adhesive or thermic label on the stripe
  45. Extruded net bag packing system with advertising stripe and adhesive or thermic label on the stripe
  46. Sacks packing systems
  47. Pre-shaped sacks packing system
  48. Polythene bags packing system with adhesive or thermic labeller and printer directly on plastic film
  49. Electronic weighing machine with 12 or 14 vibrating ducts
  50. Fruit counting machines
  51. Automatic packing systems with robots for blisters, punnets and boxes
  52. Labelling Systems
  53. Weight Check Systems
  54. Flex Picker Robots
  55. Scara Robots
  56. Anthropomorphic Robots
  57. Handling and transportation systems
  58. Electronic Grading for Long Vegetables
  59. Systems for the automatic selection of defected potatoes, onions carrots and citrus
  60. Robotic Packing and Palletizing Systems
  61. FOTOCATALISI: vi assicuriamo la miglior conservazione di frutta e ortaggi

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